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Painting Through the Grieving Process

I lost my father on October 16, 2022. He had everything wrong and nothing wrong all at the same time. It seemed like every body system was impacted, yet nothing definitive was wrong. They were all just declining and failing him bit by bit. Over the last 2 years we have watched him decline at a steady pace, with a rapid acceleration this past August. It was clear that time was limited, we just didn't know how long the string was. A new favorite saying that my friend Julie said during one poignant conversation. As it turns out, the string was very short.

It's ok. I'm ok. My brothers and Mother are ok. While the loss is hard, it's a blessing. We didn't have to watch him further decline and become bedridden, and he passed away peacefully in his sleep. One can't ask for a better departure. My Mother has already rearranged her living room. I have already started picking out paint colors.

I'll back up a little bit. I am a serial project starter. Embroidery? Check, material and embroidery floss procured. One piece done and 100 patterns pinned on Pinterest. Kitchen pantry reorganization? Check, all the bins have been purchased and I am ever so slowly going through all our stuff and organizing. Reiki Training? Check, Level 1 completed! Levels 2 and Master to go. The point is, I have this horrible habit of starting a project and not finishing it. BUT, I can feel the need to paint in my soul. To be climbing up and down ladders with a paintbrush, carefully cutting in around the trim. Rolling rich, colorful paint onto the blank walls. Stepping back and allowing the finished product to wrap around me. To see how this project brings a new level of beauty to our home.

{The Pinterest Inspiration}

AND, the bathroom was just remodeled. By professionals! Which means that it is 100% completed, new towels, new organizing bins, new bathmat and all! This inspired me to return to Pinterest and paint my staircase railing black, which then led me to wanting to paint my hallway. My hallway is lovely. There is a lot of light and the banister is just right. Side note: my very favorite part of a house is the staircase. My staircase is just ok, but I love the banister.

As I fall into Pinterest and Benjamin Moore rabbit holes to find just the right shade of green and just the right aesthetic, help me out. What is your favorite moody green?

{Lush by Benjamin Moore}

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Nov 05, 2022

Love the Lush green (& the black banister sounds beautiful). I was curious about all the green options out there; your question inspired curiosity 😊 and, boy, does valspar have lots of options. 🤣“Graceful Green” 6001-6C stood out - but I think it spoke to your how you wrote your first piece 💗. May all the motions of painting help you move through your loss (& love).


Nov 04, 2022

Love that you are enjoying this new outlet for your creativity … and enjoying unraveling your own string 💞


Nov 04, 2022

My favorite is lush. You didn’t give me another choice. Painting dark colors is very now. I’m not quite there yet but it will look lovely!

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